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If you have seen something somewhere that you like, we can see if we can do it or copy it.
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You can have your own affordable equine website!
Once it is set up, you can maintain it and make changes yourself - no expensive maintenance fees!!!

$50.00 for the first page
$25.00 for additional page
$  1.00 per photo
$  1.00 per change once site is done if you do not want to maintain it yourself.

These prices are for design of website only.  You must subscribe with homestead.com to host your site.  Homestead offers a 30 day free trial so that I can work on your site before you subcribe. 

You can purchase a domain name, yourname.com (I recommend namecheap.com) or run your sight from yourname.homestead.com

If you don't want to subscribe to homestead, i can host your site for you.  I charge $50 per year for hosting and $1.00 per picture or text change.

Choose from a variety of themes:

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